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After months of research and pain, I think I found a cheap fg helmet thats in my price range (y) . These helmets look amazing. I was wondering how accurate these really are. Does anybody have one? Im new to fett costuming so excuse my ignorance.
Well since noone has a Lucas film Boba Fett helmet accuracy is fleeting, but He does have the wavy brow and the uneven mandibles, I have seen noone else do this. As far as size goes, photo's can be enlarged and a reference to something for scale in the same picture that can be positivly I'D. and its size determinded -such as the cheek mole- can be measured to get an exact measurment of the helmet using a plotter.

Correct me if I am wrong but I think BM used something similiar to this technique.
I am also talking to MS about his helmets, they seem very nice. If you have any info on his it would be greatly appreciated. (you'll have to excuse my ignorance)
I would go with BobaMaker if you are doing an ESB helmet and Marrow Sun if you are going to do a RotJ helmet. The RotJ helmet doesn't have the wavy brow.
I'm purchasing one of Bobamakers helmets for my movie. Everything else I've had from him has been excellent and I highly recommend his products.
I believe the dents in the helmet are shaped differently, and the ESB helmet had a little more flare to it, too. But I think I've read some differing of opinions on that last statement.
Well, there are SO may options...I think what will happen is you'll get your First helmet,not like something about it, and then constantly upgrade to the next best thing...
Me Personally I have been through a DP 97, 3 MS Helmets (thanks Marrow), and JUST IN TODAY I GOT MY MS2 Helmet(y) ...ALL Great Helmets
So point being it's never ending.
But if you've yet to paint any helmet before and this is your first time, then start with a DP Helmet and practice the painting. You would hate to purchase a nice /expensive helmet and then put a Less than stellur paint job on because you made first timer mistakes..

Good Luck. and take your time.
I was hoping i could ask someone here to paint it for me, but that will probably be expensive. All this stuff keeps adding up, and I have to learn all these new skills. I guess thats whats fun about it though. This is all so daunting. The one big thing im afraid about is the size of the helmet. I don't know if the $160 helmet that I'm going to buy will look right on me.
I would order one of BobaMakers helmets tommorow ( or should that be today as its 3:35 :lol: ) if I had a bigger head... the marrow Sun helmets look really good too.

.. Turns out that Boba Maker's fantastic helmet is not too big for me woo hoo !! (y)
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Jango_Fett_Jr said:
From what I've read, both helmets (actually all the helmets back to pre-pro) are not as different as we have made them out to be.

That is correct. I have shown pictures that show the ESB helmet looking more narrow than the ROTJ and vice-versa. There are many factors that alter the appearance of the helmet's shape, i.e. the crooked mandible on the ROT, but all the helmets came from the same place.

Additionally, the dents on all the helmets are the same. Only the ROTJ helmet has a little extra damage dremmeled around one edge that creates a small gouge.But it is the same dent that is on the Empire and Prepro helmets.
I wonder why one helmet was crooked, and why they decided to use it? Was it because the paint job was so good you think? and they didnt have the time for him to paint another one?

OR was the guy making helmets crosseyed? casue the original vader helmet is really crooked to.
Keep in mind, only so much is visible on screen. All the minor asymmetries aren't even noticeable on screen. Also, it is pretty difficult to make them perfect (though I think all the asymmetrical details make it all the more unique). Heck, it wasn't until Episode III that ILM was able to make a perfectly symmetrical helmet using machinery.
Ya they just fliped the design for a mirror image. I agree that having a warped helmet adds to the greatness of it all, I just always wondered how it got that crooked, then on the 2 earlier Fett helmets there is no warp.
It's most likely due to the way the visor was installed. The real helmets are asymmetrical and just very nasty all around.

The Jedi helmet was painted at the same time as the Prepro 2 helmet and another Prepro 2 style helmet prior to the filming of ESB. So, time was not a factor. I think they just grabbed a helmet and went with it.

Besides, it's not until the excellent tour photos that we've even been able to tell that the mandible is crooked. As JFJ said, film hides TONS of imperfections!

cal196 said:
I wonder why one helmet was crooked, and why they decided to use it? Was it because the paint job was so good you think? and they didnt have the time for him to paint another one?

OR was the guy making helmets crosseyed? casue the original vader helmet is really crooked to.
I take it back, Cal was right! :lol:

:lol: I knew it I! Joe was crosseyed! and He is adding paint topicaly!!?? Hmmm never noticed that before, or is He sanding?
MY suspicions have been confirmed...and I am sure you have all heard about the infamous "10 foot rule..."
Great pic Graeme!!!
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