Bobamaker ESB commission for Blaster1965

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This commission is for TDH member Blaster1965, its a Bobamaker V4 ESB Bucket. Its such a pleasure opening deliveries from BM as all the prep work is done and the bucket is basically ready to go....

Layered paint technique once again using ArchiveX paints.
Parts of the ear caps are attached on this bucket so will be going screen accurate and painting them fixed in place and using Funkyred's FETTRASET dry transfer decsls and stencils on the ear caps.

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Kill Stripe

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Silver down
Just a touch of prep and then taking advantage of the nice weather and got the silver down.

Let it dry for a few days then begin the marking out and masking.

Kill Stripe

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Sorry for the lack of updates, waiting for paint and moving house put paint commissions on hold.
On the upside the ArchiveX is here.

Still unpacking but will hopefully be back painting once my studio is set back up.

I have been working on Blaster1965 's gauntlets and will start a thread on them at done point. And have also been working away on the other threads active on the forum atm.