Boba87Fett's ESB Boba Fett Build (WIP)


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Hi everyone,

I figured it was time for me to start keeping track of my ESB Boba Fett build in a thread. Hopefully this helps me hit my May 2020 deadline for a 501st Level II "Infamous" submission!

I will add photos and continue to update as I can. With the two kiddos under 6, I don't have a ton of time right now. However, I am steadily acquiring what I will need!

Thanks for looking!



Components in Orange are still needed:

Helmet - FPH2 by WastedFett (June 2018)

Helmet Paint Job - superjedi (February 2020)

Helmet T Visor - Deluxe FP Visor (June 2018)

Helmet MQ-1 Circuit Board - Found part from EmperorFett (January 2020)

Helmet Honeywell Micro Switch - Amazon (January 2020)

Helmet Rangefinder - Terminal Fettler Resin (January 2020)

Helmet Rangefinder Light with Micro Switch Kit - Jc27 Fettinator Industries (March 2020)

Helmet Rangefinder Servo Kit $175- Fettinator Industries (March 2020)

Helmet Hollow Rangefinder Stalk for Metal Ears (Included with Metal Ears) - Machine Craft Replicas (January 2020)

Helmet Metal Ears - Machine Craft Replicas (January 2020)

Helmet Metal Borden - Machine Craft Replicas (April 2019)

Helmet Fans - Henry's Helmet Fans (February 2020)

Helmet Suspension Straps US Military PASGT - eBay (April 2019)

Helmet Chin Cup - Vintage Made in England (May 2020)

Balaclava - Etsy Crochet And More By Gigi (February 2020)

Hero Armor - WastedFett

Chest Armor- WastedFett (May 2019)

Cod Piece- WastedFett (May 2019)

Kidney Armor- WastedFett (May 2019)

Back Armor- WastedFett (May 2019)

Shoulder Armor Lineage- MinuteFett (Estimated March 2020)

Knee Armor- WastedFett (May 2019)

Knee Darts - Machine Craft Replicas (October 2019)

Armor Collar Studs - Machine Craft Replicas (October 2019)

Chest Armor Light Display - Fettronics (October 2019)

Jetpack - Darth Vorhees V3 (July 2019)

Jetpack Harness V2 - Big Dane (June 2019)

Jetpack Harness US Divers Vintage Belt Buckle - eBay (July 2019)

Jetpack Harness Belt Polyester Webbing 2" - Strapworks (July 2019)

Jetpack Beacon - Machine Craft Replicas (January 2020)

Jetpack Beacon Lighting Kit - Fettinator Industries (February 2020)

Jetpack Stabilzier - Machine Craft Replicas (January 2020)

Jetpack Vent (Round) - Machine Craft Replicas (January 2020)

Jetpack Thruster Side Greeblies - Machine Craft Replicas (January 2020)

Jetpack Thruster Front Greeblies - Machine Craft Replicas (January 2020)

Jetpack Thruster Discs - Machine Craft Replicas (January 2020)

Jetpack Micro Mega Dental File- 01Hawk (February 2020)

Jetpack Hooks and Clips - Full Metal Fett (Received July 2019)

Gauntlet Kit - MinuteFett (March 2020)

Left Gauntlet- MinuteFett (March 2020)

Left Gauntlet Glenross Dental Expander Screw Replica Polished Gold Steel - CSB Props on Shapeways (Ordered February 2020)

Left Gauntlet Keypad- MQ-1 (February 2020)

Left Gauntlet Rocket Copper Tip - Machine Craft Replicas (March 2020)

Right Gauntlet- MinuteFett (March 2020)

Right Gauntlet Whipcord Housing Knobs-
MinuteFett (March 2020)

Gauntlet Micro Mega Dental Files 1 Fat Silver and 1 Fat Red- 01Hawk (February 2020)

Right Gauntlet Darts- June 2020

Right Gauntlet Ever Ready Light - June 2020

Cape - Boba87Fett

Wookie Braids - Woodman

Flak Vest - Arkady

Neck Seal (Attached to Flight Suit) - Arkady

Flight Suit (One Piece) - Arkady

Girth Belt - Woodman

Leather Ammo Belt - Woodman

Vinyl Ammo Belt - HandmadeHorrorShop on Etsy

Hip Pouches - Arkady

Gloves - Mike M

Sidearm Holster - BobaMaker

Shin Tool Sonic Beam Weapon - Paterson Squeegee from B&H

Shin Tool Anti-Security Blade- Paterson Squeegee from B&H

Shin Tool Survival Knife - Paterson Stirrer

Shin Tool Jetpack Adjustment Tool - MachineCraft Replicas

Boots - WastedFett Size 11.5

Boot Spikes - Machine Craft Replicas

Optional Accessories

ESB EE3 Blaster - Sidewinder

Vintage Heiland Syncronar 2 Cell - eBay

ESB Sidearm Pulce - BobaMaker (March 2019)
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This past couple weeks I have been working on my WastedFett boots. Received them white and started painting them using my acrylic Tamiya and Model Masters paints.

I still need to make some adjustments, paint the piping on the left boot, remove the paint from the soles, connect the toe spikes and weather them.

I’m currently looking into half round rivets, but I may find some screws that look close enough and then fill in the tops and make them look like rivets. Thoughts?



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Attached my toe spikes today. Still need to finishing painting the piping on one boot and then add weathering to the boots and spikes. I opted for 1 1/4” metal trim nails with E6000. I pre-drilled the holes with screws of the same size first. I may have to switch to screws later, but wanted to look more accurate to ESB if I can.



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Not perfect, but I think that I am happy for now! Especially for my first time doing something like this.

I used some acrylic wash applied with a paper towel and then used a paper pencil to apply some prismacolor nupastel brownish red. Next I rubbed some sand paper across it to scuff it up a bit.



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I’ve been working on my EE3. Still have more to assemble, weather and to mount the Heiland, but here’s where I’m at now...



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Well. I learned how to use a sowing machine tonight In order to start working on my ESB cape. Never did anything like that before. Not perfect, but I’m happy with it, especially since it was involving several “firsts” for me.

Will use RIT dye to dye the base color on Thursday and then let it dry and add the stripe.

Hoping to get to weather it and have it done by next weekend.



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Made my first attempt at dying the cape today. Initially I just used RIT tan, but I decided to redo it and add sand stone to get it more towards a gold color than a pink brown color.

I like the cape that’s hanging on the left side, but it’s not the closest to the Pantone from the CRL.

It does look more similar to bcurtis’ cape now. Thoughts? Tips?



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I've been working on my jet pack recently. Assembled it.

Primered with self-etching primer based on reading a how-to thread. Won't be using that stuff again. The clean up after it dried took a lot of time to get the jetpack free of dust and smoothed out.


Next, painted painted with Humbrol Silver #11 acrylic spray can.


Then I used Humbrol Maskol to mask the main damage.


I then used a custom ordered Pantone 624U rattle can that I ordered 6 of for $125... It was the closest Pantone available to the CRL's 624UP. It looked super light unfortunately.




At this point I am experimenting with different mixes to airbrush over it to get a little darker before moving forward.


Any recommendations on what I do next??



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This photo shows what I am seeing in person the most accurately. Obviously the helmet has weathering, but the base 624U on the Jetpack is off.




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Alright! I finally decided to force myself to use the airbrush I bought over a year and a half ago. Honestly, I was intimated to use it, but I’m stoked I did today. Mixed my own paint color and couldn’t be happier with the new base color on my jetpack! 2 cans of Model Master Panzer Olivegrun and 2 cans of Model Master Lichtblau RLM 76 at a 50/50 mix with about 10 drops of Humbrol White in it. Looks right where I want it to before weathering compared to the cheeks and dome on my helmet.