Boba Toe Spikes / Any quick - Over the counter solutions???

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Just curious if anyone had any suggestions on making a set of do-it-yourself toe spikes?

(Would imagine someone's thrown something together from their local hardware store or Home Depot...)

Not concerned that it be screen accurate.

Any ideas??? (Sample pics would be great too)

Thanks in advance
Back in 1996, before we all had any decent reference pics, I used Testor's glue tips, that came with the model glue! I screwed them on from the inside of a piece of curved plastic. Not what I'd recommend, but I thought I'd share. :)
This was easy for me. Take two sharpened pencil points, cut them off at an angle, then paint them chrome silver. Then glue them to a strip of sheet metal (also painted chrome silver), bent to fit around the toe of each shoe. Drill two holes into each piece of metal, then screw them in with wood screws into the rubber soles. For added effect, I added modeling putty to elimate the screw head grooves (making them look bolted on). Just be sure not to make the pencil points too long, otherwise they *will* get caught on the floor when you walk. It also might be a good idea to clip the tips of the pencil points, since being too sharp can also cause them to get caught on carpeted floors (I speak from experience).

Good luck!
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I used some 3/8" nylon bolts I bought from home depot and ran them through a pencil sharpener.I used a peice of sheetmetal for the toe plate.The toe spikes are screwed in from the inside of the plate with small screws.I also threw some superglue in there for good measure.Sprayed the whole thing with aluminum.
I used a 3/4" inch wide aluminum bar to do the main bar for the boot toe spike harness, bolted with one screw at each side.

Then I used some 3/8" wood dowels at the local hardware store (Lowe's) and cut about 4 different pieces about at least 3 inches long, cutting and angle according to the boot, of the dowel, and finishing with sharpening the other side to a point. They are about the same width of a pencil. Remember not to leave the point of the spike sharp, cause it has like a really small flat surface on the point.

And then I weathered them a little bit to look like used. Here's a link to my tutorial of my "scratch-built" boots:

Boot Tutorial here!

Hope you get some benefit out of it.

I used a flat aluminum bar from the hardware store. drilled holes and added screws. Then I sharpened dowels in the pencil sharpener and super gel-glued them on. (I flattened the spikes on a grinder) Cost, about $4.

No prescription needed!

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I found some spikes at Hot Topics. Next to the leather bracelets. They come with screws on the back of them, easy to work with. I used TK409's boot tutorial as a reference. He has excellent tips there.
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