Boba Spurs


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I was watching ESB the other day and noticed that when Boba walks it sounds like hes wearing Spurs. It dosnt realy sound like the noise metal tapping the floor from the spikes would make. It sounds like something is actualy rattling. I was just wondering if anyone wore anything on their fett costume to duplicate the same noise, and if so what? Im pretty sure Im going to do something like that when I actualy get my costume started up.

-Tony Vida; TK 3204; Austin, Tx

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IF I were to ever wear my Fett out I would imagine that some coins placed in the shin pockets might simulate the sound adequately.....I always thought that was one of the damned coolest thing about the ESB Fett.....:cheers



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I put my spike bar on each boot close to the ground, and when I step down on marble or tile it sounds JUST like it.

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I put a ring of old keys in each thigh pocket. Seems to replicate the noise fairly well. Each time you take a step, you get a slight "jingle". We had a pretty lengthy discussion about this a while back, but I don't think that thread carried over to the new TDH. If I remeber correctly, the actuall jingle sound that you hear was added in to the film to give fett that cool western bad guy feel.


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Ya I asked that awhile back and I wondered what happen to that thread, so I completly forgot about it. I guess this sound would not apply to the ROTJ Fett though.


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well after rading this, i toke 2 match boxes, put some change in em an some bolts between 2 aluminium strips, taped em in, an works ok in the thigh pouches.. although its a little... blunt, its not that nice high metal clash sound anymore... maybe some metal boxes would be better...