Boba Phett Missle Launcher

trooper rushmore

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I just got my launcher from Boba Phett and I must say this is an awsome resin/metal casting. Excellent Job! This is the next best thing to a real metal one and much lighter! 8)


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now all you need to do is find a way to make the missle explode and shote
looking for your cat? Try looking under my sublight ion engins


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Well I was speaking in terms of the movie, in which it never fires off of His arm and explodes.

Its clearly seen firing lasers in this scene.

but in the 1980 reference guide it shows it to be a concussion rocket, I dunno if they changed there mind, had to cut the budget ir what.

trooper rushmore

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That's funny...what shows in that picture as a mini concussion rocket looks to me like a laser. The left gauntlet looks to me like a micro rocket launcher like the Zuni-rockets on the older military aircraft. I'm not saying this is what they are-just what it resembles. :)