For Sale Boba Maker Jetpack Harness (HARNESS ONLY) **SOLD**

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Hello Fellow Fett's,
Today I have a Genuine Boba Maker Jetpack Harness for Sale. I recently ordered and received one of his Jetpacks and with it came a Harness. Since I'll be doing my own Harness solution with the Boba Maker Jetpack, the included Harness is not needed. I'd thought I'd offer it up here for my fellow Fett's as a cheap solution in which to support their Jetpack. Or maybe someone who owns a Boba Maker JP and needs/wants another one as a standby or replacement.

It appears that it is fed through the slots on his Jetpack and attached via velcro on the insides.
BM JP Harness.jpg

Just so we're clear, this is JUST for the Harness - NOT the Jetpack (as the title indicates)

Just PM me any questions. Asking $10.00 +$5.00 to Ship (Only Shipping in the US)

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