Boba Fett's controversial poor performance..

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    ..We keep hearing about Boba Fett's rather sloppy and less than stellar actions in Return of the Jedi, apparent death a clumsy misfortune.
    But has it ever occurred to anyone the amount of partying in the Khetanna as well as R2D2 slingin' drinks (possibly spiked to compromise the sobriety of the Hutt's comrades) may have contributed ? I mean, how many Bantha Blasters or Renan Ironguts did Boba Fett consume before the arrival at the Sarlaac Pit ? Ya know, he just delivered Han to Jabba so he got a huge reward, probably stopped off at the Cantina to have a few on the way to the party.....
    ..just sayin'
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    We all had one of those days where nothing works and everything goes wrong! As Boba landed on the skiff, he had a perfect shot at Luke. So he lands, points and click, click!......Nothing! Chop goes the Blaster!

    Okay, so Bobas thinking I still got a few tricks.... Out comes the snare rope! Finally he got Luke! Just as Boba was about to strike he gets knocked down, Luke gets away!

    Now Bobas pissed! Because he got knocked down his targeting site was misaligned! So now trying to line up a decent shot at a now distant Luke Boba needed concentration. Thinking he has a blind Han and a busy Wookiee, he should be good?

    Nope! Han hit the emergency jet pack launch button. The very same button Obi Wan hit during his encounter with Jango that sent his jet pack flying on Kamino. Though Jangos pack detached.

    Because the day was going the way it was going, Bobas jetpack stayed attached... Naturally!

    Before he knew it Boba was flying through the air slamming into a metal hull before pounding sand....

    Was a Monday!
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  3. DeathProof

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    We all know he volunteered....

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  4. Mike M.

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    "I drunk better when I drive!" ~ Boba Fett
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    Boba Fett's thoughts on the Skiff : "What the ?!?!?!?- that's NOT the poison darts switch....
    Great. I just tethered myself to a Jedi. Can this Monday get ANY worse ????"
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