General Boba Fett VS Jango Fett


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Hey guys

I'm curious to know if a Bobba Fett outfit is cheaper then a Jango Fett outfit? Is it harder in overall painting? I was assuming it would be a cheaper route for a person since theirs less armor involved.


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In general, the cost depends on the quality of gear you plan to put into it, and the amount of work you do yourself. If you paint and assemble yourself, you can expect to spend 2500-3000$ on Jango. For a Boba Fett you can expect to spend $3000+, with 5000$ being more realistic. Just gets convoluted when you start to look at all the possibilities of upgrades on Either, especially Boba Fett. The amount of armor is not that much of a cost difference. Boba makes up for it with a number of oddball parts, like wookie braids, toe spikes, shoulder cape. Look at the sticky thread posted below. The prices are a little outdated, but can still give you an idea.

The Boba is a much harder paint up. As long as you have coldcast Jango gear, Jango comes down to two cans of spraypaint and some acrylic paints for the weathering. Boba is templates and colors and weathering and repeat.

If you're just going on cost, I'd go with Jango, but you gotta do what your heart( and budget) lead you to.


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I would say I have about the same amount in both my Jango Fett and my Boba Fett. Probably in the 2.5K each. I have done most all of the painting and finish work myself to keep cost down. I would say that the armor parts a bit cheaper on Boba Fett, but things such as his rifle is much more than Jango pistols. If you are paying commissions then I think Boba Fett ends ups much more.