For Sale Boba Fett (RoTJ) and Jango Fett Flamethrower Light Systems


Howdie all,

For some reason my post for my flamethrower system for RoTJ which I have sold many of came down. I am reposting the thread. I use Dakota's metal flamethrower nozzles for Boba Fett and a custom carbon-fiber 3D printed set I make myself for Jango Fett. I am going to be posting a video shortly of the Jango Fett lights in action but here below is a video of the Boba Fett lights in action.

Boba Fet Flamethrower Lights

Jango Fett Flamethrower Lights
(To Be Posted Soon)

Boba Fett (RoTJ/SE) - 110$
Provides Flash, Solid on, or Combined Pulse effect

Jango Fett - 60 or 80$
60$ - Independent operation of nozzle lights
80$ - Solid on or Flash operation depending on which switch is pressed
I will also sell the nozzles as a matched set for 15$ to anyone who wants to build the light system themselves with two accurate plunger switches.

Both of these systems are wired up and ready to go. The Boba Fett system, due to more room in the nozzle, has solid on, flash, or combined mode which gives a cool pulse effect. The Jango Fett system has each nozzle wired up to an independent switch (60$ version) or flash/solid on (80$ version). Due to lack of light space in the nozzle flash operation is impossible for the combined effect.

I ship these anywhere in the world. If you are US based shipping is 7$. I suggest you look at my gauntlet light systems as shipping is combined (to save you money).

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Okay update here, I am finally fully caught up with all previous orders made recently. I have some Xmas stuff to do for my kids as presents, but I plan to build a prototype and show how it looks for the Jango Flamethrower lights soon in the video thread above.


I will build and sell my Jango set probably over Xmas break. Unfortunately besides orders received I need to focus on my kids costume presents for Xmas before doing any cool side projects.


January Bump. Just a warning that Celebration is coming soon so I will be getting busy doing other stuff soon so if you want some stuff made now is the time.