Boba Fett Reveal helmet


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I am awaiting my first bucket and depending on the shape after I reform it (it's vinyl DP95), I was thinking about making it a revel helmet. Do any of you have suggestions?
OR should I save it and use for my complete Fett ROTJ build-up?


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If your gonna go threw all the trouble to make it as detailed as a reveal type helmet why wouldnt you want to wear it?


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Well from what I have gathered reading the threads these buckets get hot. Here is my line of thought:

1- Bucket with all of the greeblies, etc on the interior (pads, displays, mic, etc.)

2- Bucket with hard-hat band, mic, and fan at the back.

Once its done, if I think I can handle it I'll wear it, but I had it in my head that once I get the padding, etc in that the airflow will increase dramaticly.

By the way, if anyone can post any reveal pics, I'd appreciate it.
check the cargo hold ms makea really accurate wearable (foam greeblis )kit
or you can use the pics for reference. try a search for riddell boba fett mini helmet


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If you want a reveal that's accurate to the movie, all you need is a hard hat liner sort of thing duct taped in there.