Boba Fett made in the UK?


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Hi there!
Last year I had Avery big present from my wife under the christmas Tree.
I was soooo happy about it.
unfortunately my wife could only tell me that the helmet comes from the UK.
That made me a little curious.
Anyone here know more about this helmet ???


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It's a 'Mystery' helmet.
These were made by Sgt Fang and Marrow Sun plus a lot of [other] recasters.

Those guys weren't British to my knowledge.

The mystery is derived from the PP2 helmet, albeit with many steps between those casts and the production helmet.


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My wife bought this one from a UK seller.
He told her it was sold from a UK Forum.
That is why I thought it was ( maybe) made in the UK.
Anyway, thank you for these good informations.
That is, no doubt, correct; these casts made their way all over the world but I am certain that the two better known makers were US based. It's one of the earlier lineage casts that was made available and the paint up, colours and layout, are indicative of pre template days.

The exact relationship of this to the PP2 helmet is uncertain but there are tells from the best known casting of that helmet, the 'KT Plug/Lee Malone Buck - whatever', that travel down the generations. There are several tells on your helmet that show it is clearly of 'mystery' origin.

There's a sticky about the 'Grant McCune' helmet, at the top of the helmet section (it's called 'first sons' or something like that) that will get you most of the way to understanding what this is. Cross reference that with the helmet tree, which is also a sticky, and you'll know enough to have a fair grasp on the origins.
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