For Sale Boba Fett helmet **SOLD please delete**

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For sale is a Boba Fett bucket of unknown lineage. Because it needs some work and the lineage is unknown I am selling it for 135.00.

I bought this as part of an armor set a year ago and have since replaced the helmet with another. It seems to have a nice paint job done already to it, although it may not be costume club approvable yet. (I don't know)

It's a great starter helmet that requires a bit of reshaping on the t visor area, but other than that it is a worthy helmet for either an ESB or ROTJ Fett.

135.00 obo

20210205_140609.jpg 20210205_140617.jpg 20210205_140630.jpg 20210205_140645.jpg 20210206_073554.jpg
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