For Sale Boba Fett Helmet Fans and Suit power options (REPOST)


I am reposting this as for some reason the thread came down...
I am offering helmet cooling system options that will be pretty awesome for most people I believe. While there are several fan helmet systems out there, none being offered met some of my core needs. I don't want to sell these to the Rebel Legion or 501st as a whole as I do it mainly to give back to the communities I am directly involved with.
What were my core needs...I am glad you asked
1) Interchangeability. I previously used the popular Evil boy fan system in my Boba Fett helmet...but the basic version would only run for about 3 to 3.5 hours before the fans died. The new fan system I developed doubles the capacity of the Evil Boy system, are more quite (my normal fans are about 40 db in sound by my sound meter although they are supposedly 30db), and can be easily swapped between different helmets. Buy a fan system for each helmet you have and simply move the battery pack between the helmets. You can even charge the system while its running for quick breaks.
2) Multipower options. My previous electronics setup utilized 19 AA batteries, one 9V, and two 3V 2032 batteries. After every troop I had to check all the AA batteries for power levels prior to troops which is a serious pain...heck sometimes I even forget to power off a AA battery pack which basically just trashes them. What if I could use 1 power supply to power all my power needs? That's what this system will does. I was able to eliminate all the AA batteries I had in my system and only need to worry about the 9V battery and 2 2032 batteries in my system. This reduced a LOT of weight in my outfit and effort for retesting/recharging batteries after troops.
(9V or 6V stepdown power option)

Shown above is the option I use for converting the power to 6V so I can power JC27's remote servo and my Fettronics display. Its as tall as JC27's power box (20MM) but is narrow enough I can place it easily by my remote servo in my helmet. The unit is high quality and waterproof so I don't need to worry about sweat/humidity issues when trooping. Why post this here....well I can make this control device work with any voltage easily from 3 to 12 volts in strength removing the need for batteries at that location.
3) More Fan options. I created a specific blower system in my Greedo mask which will blow air out of the mask via a tube I that I run down my neck and out through one of pant legs. This forces constant airflow into the mask both cooling me and getting rid of the humid air that will cause condensation in my mask. No such fan system existed until I finally made one. In addition, some people have very little room in their masks for fans. I offer an ultra low profile system only that is only 10 mm high which will is great for blowing air up into the helmet. Power to the fans does not need to be in the helmet but could be located elsewhere on the body carried to the helmet via a simple power cable if space is a limitation. Due to these restrictions being lifted I now have 4 fans in my helmet (since I have space) for extreme cooling options (awesome in summer troops). All fans sold will have wires shrink wrapped for protection against sweat and accidental damage.
15 MM fan

Very good for focused blowing of air in a specific direction. The fan is rated at 30 DB and puts moves about 4000 CFM in air (any higher and the fans going to be louder generally). I use these fans for blowing air down from the top of my helmet across my visor in my helmet. These fans have a ~ 9 inch cord length from plug to fan...if you need a longer cord for a fan let me know.
10 MM fan

Very good at broad dispersion of air over a wide area as it has a very wide mouth. Its also very narrow. I use these fans at the base of my helmet to blow air up in the back. These have a roughly 6 inch power cord, if you need a longer cord let me know.
4) Better Power options. Based on feedback I am offering two battery pack options small and medium. Below is an idea of how long the battery pack will last before it runs out of power. Both batteries come with a free battery charger. The batteries have a simple on/off button that can turn the fan/electric system on and off with ease.
2 fans - ~6 hours
3 fans - ~4.5 hours
4 fans - ~3 hours
5 fans - ~2.5 hours
6 fans - ~2 hours

2 fans - ~16 hours
3 fans - ~10 hours
4 fans - ~8 hours
5 fans - ~6 hours
6 fans - ~5 hours

The above numbers are rough estimates for how long each device will last. For device hookups for other electronics (9V or 6V stepdown) figure a simple fan as the power required to operate the LED lights. I use two voltage step down devices to power my Fettronics chest LED display and JC27's remote servo in my helmet. The small battery is lighter than 1 4 AA battery pack with batteries and the medium battery is lighter than 2 4 AA battery packs for weight comparison purposes (its actually pretty close to 1 4 AA battery pack).
I personally use the Medium battery pack option and it works great. Its barely larger than one of my old 4AA battery packs. Below are size comparisons with a 4AA battery case for frame of reference. I can post the actual measurements up if people want them...but pictures are worth a thousand words sometimes as seen above.
Current Pricing
Small Battery - 30$
Medium Battery - 40$
15 MM fan -10$
10 MM fan - 15$
Stepdown voltage system - 15 to 20$ (depending on needs)
6 foot power cables - 10$
Bith/Mask fans - 50$
For example you want one fan system of 2 15 mm fans and 1 small battery. That's two 15 mm fans and one small battery. Normal price is 45$. You can order additional fan configurations (say one fan for a Jawa hood, two 10mm fans for tusken raider masks, etc) and have them work off the same interchangable battery.
Post below what you want or PM me information.
Helmet Usage:
Here is a picture (before and after) of how I was able to incorporate the fan system, reduce a ton of weight, and free up space in my helmet.


This setup allows me to use the battery either in my helmet or on my body (running a power cord up through my neck to the helmet.
Bith / Mask fans
As many of you know who trooped with me I developed a specialized mask system for my Greedo costume. It's wonderful in that it literally pumps all the hot, sticky air out of my mask and down my back. This basically stops the swamp effect that occurs in totally enclosed masks. An image of my setup is shown below:



I have another monster fan which is used large fur creatures like Ewoks and Wamps for their respective costumes. It moves a MONSTER amount of air, but chews up a ton of battery juice. We utilized it in my daughter's ewok helmet.
If you have any specialized needs let me know and I can probably work something up for you. I have done fan systems for Biths, Cade Bane, Bossks, Greedos, normal troopers...I can make a system that will work GREAT for you in whatever costumes you own.

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I just want to add I do some specialized fan systems for the likes of Cade Bane, Bossk, and other interesting and hot costumes.


Bump, Reminder these work great for RF servo systems that are installed. Save space and hassle in your bucket


Jr Hunter
I am in a similar boat. I’ve purchased the flamethrower light kit and nozzles from Crumdum in the past.

Was looking forward to getting some fans, along with powering my JC27 RF Lights & Servo. Alas, I still am not in possession of my helmet yet...