Boba Fett Funko Pop Custom Repaint Semi Scren Accurate ROTJ


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I imagine his will get moved to the correct section by a mod and that's cool but i couldn't figure which section was appropriate.. it's not a prop really :)

Many moons ago I lurked these forums and did my first cosplay for my son and I, I learnt so much and I was so bad but with the help of everyone who shares I got a passable attempt out the door and only a few conventions behind schedule.
Boba and Son.jpg

Then with all i'd learnt I moved onto my second cosplay...i learnt everything i needed to do this between here on thedentedhelmet and therpf

I haven't done much Fett stuff lately, he's due for all the updates i promised myself i'd do, but the blaster files are waiting to be sanded so he's going to get there.
In the meantime though there's these ugly 2019 Summer Collection Pops to deal with... so once again using the skills i learnt here I attacked it. I don't think there's been a good Boba Pop Vinyl made, some of the moulds are ok but the paint jobs are always bad, there's better painted Pops in other franchises so they have the means to do better paint jobs but they haven't, in my opinion, made a Boba that can hang in Jabba's palace :)

This is a 2019 Boba Fett #297 Limited Edition 2019 Summer repainted ROTJ colours and some appropriate weathering :)

Sanding so the primer has some grip
I was worried because the primer looks like it was not sticking well :/

Testing different markers and paints, i eventually used Ironlak paint pens and a small brush.

You all just want the reveal.... so here you go

Here's the rest of the pics :)

In the Palace
Before and after
Anyway, as noted I have no doubt i've posted this in the wrong spot but i couldn't see one for models and toys. So please move this.
I just wanted to share my little guy with people who would truly appreciate him. Thanks.