For Sale Boba Fett Full Build Commission(s) available:

Lucksy31 - ESB Helmet Decals


Hi I’m Bobert!
So as many of you might now know I am now taking commissions. I’ve decided to open it up right now to take up commissioning two to four full Boba Fett builds to build up my portfolio.

Right off the bat lead times. 6-8 months considering lead time for soft goods from the best vendors are currently six months. I want to be 100% realistic. Each one of these builds will be brand new and painted. There will be no hand me down pieces on these builds. Each build will be ready for 501st approval.

  1. Pick your Boba Fett: (ESB/ROTJ/SE/Holiday)
  2. Give me your measurements: (flight suit, shoe size, glove size)
  3. Supply me with your contact info

Pricing reflects vendor materials, cost of paint, time, etc. PM for a full list of vendors that will be included in your build but if you’ve followed me here closely you should have an idea of what you’ll be getting.

The total cost per commission build will be $7,000 (unless upgrade requests are made which we can discuss) per Fett. I will be accepting payment as ½ the total in a down payment along with two following payments with the last before shipping. If you live within reasonable driving distance of Orlando, FL a pick up / drop off option will be preferred.

Please PM me with any questions.


7K may sound like a lot, but Budafett knows his stuff and after seeing his own build and current progress on his jetpack, you will be getting a high quality build well worth the price! If I didn't already have my own ESB and ROTJ, I would definitely commission Budafett!
Lucksy31 - ESB JetPack Decal