Boba Fett ESB

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Hey guys after a lot of years of being a huge fan I’m finally doing a ESB build I have my jumpsuit and armor is being made! I was just wondering if y’all had any tips on where I should get the rest of my equipment and where I could get my armor and helmet (when I get it) painted?
Best advice I have is stick the the great folks here on TDH . Do your research first. Study as many build threads as you can. This site is an abundance of insight to get You through. Boba is a marathon not a race to the end. That said, have patience.


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I agree with SUTT4869 - this is a marathon. My ROTJ marathon took me about a year to get put together I have an extensive parts list on my WIP. I feel like I was more aggressive in speed too, you can do it quicker if your comfortable with paying expedite fees (if vendors offer that) but I’ve seen others take more than a year and I seen other take a few years to complete. So yes, doing research is highly recommended. For me, a lot of the work was done myself. But will I be done in my year time frame? Nope, I have plans to do further upgrades.