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I was hoping to get your take on this. I want to start my Boba Fett build and is this website that is 501 approved for ESB ManofWarStudios Store.
Thanks for the time and help. What about the cape? Where do you find the cape pattern to make the fablic look damaged?
What about the flight suite?
Thanks for the time.


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All the information your require is contained within the posts above this thread. Read , read and then read some more and you will be enlightened in the ways of the Fett
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MoW is good. I would suggesting going elsewhere for more approvable gloves, that was part of my "rejection letter". The issue with MoW gloves is that they are too dark and the trigger finger padding needs to be 2 separate pieces above and below, on the MoW gloves it is just one piece that wraps around. Mike M. is the big one these days, he does new runs everything 3 or 4 months.

I have a MoW cape as well, I like the wool fabric but it may be a little long. The CRL technically states 31"x31", but really it should be long enough to only hang past your knee 2-3". Woodman does capes as well.

Check out Arkady's flight suit thread in the cargo hold, she is always cranking them out for folks.


Hi I’m Bobert!
Man of War is a great producer. His items will get you 501st approval. While not the accurate I’ve had a few of his pieces. I would suggest his boots for sure. If you want resin gauntlets his are the way to go too. His flight suit comes in two pieces unlike @Arkady’s.

Everything else I’d go with Wasted Fett for Helmet, Jetpack and armor. He also makes gauntlets but they’re vacced formed. Wasted is the go to for all armor pieces. Arklady would be good choice for vest and flight suit. woodman for belts, braids and cape. MachineCraft and Dark Side for
metal needs.