Boba Fett ESB Helmet Paint Stencils


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That's amazing work... makes a daunting task a little less daunting, yet still daunting enough... err... thanks for these! :D


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I know it might be kinda cheating, but I mean, if you can't paint all that well, it would be really great to have these printed out on vinyl stickers at like a sign store and stick them onto a helmet and heat gun out the wrinkles. But then you'd have to colour match the greens for the domes.


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Question: Would these templates work for a ROTJ helmet if I omit the ears and change the color of the kill stripes?


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Could someone link me any tutorials on how exactly to use stencils to help airbrush/paint? I'm thinking of using transfer paper.


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I've noticed there are stencils addressing important areas of dome damage like the scratch and dent, but is there a full separation file for the dome , especially the back of the dome above the back panels?


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This may be a silly question, but is there a stencil for the Right Ear?


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Thanks for the link, I do have Rafal's stencils but I was hoping for a stencil to match these where they are in vector format. :)

Edit: Sorry I meant to say I was hoping for the right ear from the AoSW ones that RichD posted.
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