Boba Fett Cartoon Christmas scheme



Just being curious, has anyone ever designed their armor scheme to match that of Boba Fett in the Boba Fett Cartoon Christmas special? It shares many similarities with the ESB scheme, but there are a few rather obvious differences.


Always wondered when I'd see someone do a full size costume in that color scheme. I DID do a resin miniature up in those colors once though. Turned out pretty good as I recall.

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Anybody remember a lil ditty about a lil reindeer and his shiny nose? How none of the other reindeer let him play in any reindeer games? Going by most opinions of this holiday program on this forum, I would expect most here to stone the culprit to death who even showed to a con wearing a paper-and-tape gag version of this suit.

As for me, I've had the board display/motif set to "holiday" for months, and love the pretty colors. I even have witnesses.

I'd love to see this version en verite. Though about doing it myself, but I was still impressionable and afraid of all the experts' opinions. Now I just stick my fingers in my ears and go "la-la-la-la-laaaaa" when somebody starts on me.

:D :D :D :D

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Me too, I acctually dig the color scheme.
But that's probably cause I saw the special and at the time anything to do with Fett was and STILL IS cool.
I think I may have it in my puter somewhere too, must look!!!


The color scheme from the x-mas cartoon, I think is cool, weather or not anyone would recgonize it. well.. but I'd love to see someone pull it off. -derek

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You know, I just finished a vacuforming table with my FanForce group, as soon as I get some plastic I think I will give the holiday special version a shot...

Rogue Studios, could I get you to do some research and identify some of those colours? :p

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Hey, Jr. I think the shade of yellow is known as "WWII French Surrender Yellow". It's hard to say without actually seeing it in stripe pattern running down someone's back. Look next to the German dunkelgelb on the "We can't win a war" shelf of paints at your local hobby shop.

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Hey! :(

Hehe, ok well anyway, here are the best reference pics I will have to go by for colours:


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"WWII French Surrender Yellow". It's hard to say without actually seeing it in stripe pattern running down someone's back.

German dunkelgelb on the "We can't win a war"shelf of paints.

:D :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'll have to ask for those at the counter..."Um ya, I'm lookin for...!"

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