Boba Fett builder's equivalent to "pant-less in school" dream

Y'all ever have those dreams? You're in class and you notice you aren't wearing pants, and no one else notices until you do. I never started having them until AFTER I was in school. I digress.

I was having a dream the other night that I went to a convention ready to don my ESB Boba Fett costume. I knew it wasn't 100% ready, but it was con worthy. After I got to the convention center, I realized I left my jetpack at home. Then I went to put on my flight suit, which to my surprise was unfinished (like in reality), still white with no pockets or extra sleeves. And then nothing would attach or fit correctly. It was a traumatic dream that I woke up from laughing.

Anyone else had actual nightmares about their build?

I haven't had a dream about cosplay as of yet. But I went to the opening of the 40th anniversary re-release of the ROTJ in my Fett this year and dang it, if I didn't leave my helmet at home. That cost me about 40 mins round trip to drive back home grab my bucket and then head on back to the theater.

The theater reached out to me via Facebook to see if I'd be interested in coming. That incident prompted me to have a checklist before I head out to con's or appearances now.

But that's not really what worries me, I mean yeah leaving a VERY important piece of your costume/prop at home, it's kinda like...

What worries me, is having to go boom-boom whilest in the costume. Thankfully, I haven't had the need to do so, but it is a concern. Now "Number One" wouldn't be too bad. Arkady's flight suit comes with a built in double-zipper. All that would need to happen is the removal of the Cod/Kidney Studs, removing the Cod Piece (which for me is held on by Velcro) and unzipping the flight suit. "Number Two" on the other hand, would be a massive production to prepare for. Jetpack, Jetpack Harness, Flak Vest, Girth Belt & Ammo Belt would all have to come off in preparation to take your seat upon the porcelain throne.

There is an entertaining story that George Brett (MLB Hall of Famer - Kansas City Royals) tells another ball player about an incident he had while in Las Vegas. And OMG, just hilarious. If you got a few minutes give it a listen (The video is only 3 mins long)

But I put myself in that position - In my Fett costume! Scary as hell, right? Hahaha! I'd be curious if anyone has found themselves in that predicament - and what steps they took to......abort mission?
:oops: o_O
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