Boba Fett armor question


I'm putting together a costume for y son for Halloween and we're working on the armor plates. I have the back and collar Molded from foam. They turned out well but when I put the collar next to the back plate there's no way his head will fit through there. Looking at reference pics it appears the two pieces should be joined. Right? (Pardon the finger obscuring the pic. that's what happens s when you ask your 8yo to snap a pic for you. Lol)

I'm thinking of recutting the collar so it's got some extra length in it for him to get his head through as a best solution.



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Will it fit around his neck? I don't think his head should fit through it. It should be attached after it is placed into position. In other words it shouldn't slip over the head like a shirt.


A lot of us use the studs as actual functional screws or we just velcro under them. So they stick together after the head is though.