For Sale Boba Fett and Jango Fett gauntlet lights

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So based on lots of PMs and requests for an additional run I am offering the gauntlet lights for the left Boba Fett and Jango Fett gauntlet.

My initial run used some supplies I had on hand, but I had to reorder based on running out (and me wanting it on my Boba Fett gauntlet lol). I will break this up into two areas to make things simple...first Boba Fett.

ROTJ and SE Boba Fett Left gauntlet light.

Per the 501st CRL a red LED of a particular shape and size is required for pass Tier 1 approval.

The above matches the LED size, shape and specificity...and is the closest in known accuracy to the real deal

Many have opted to make the LED fully functional, this involves a battery and sometimes a switch. I will include the options I am doing with the light if chosen. All the below options come fully functional (battery is included).

1) Wired to a battery for easy installation (basically foolproof).
2) Wired to a battery for easy installation and usage of a toggle switch (shown directly below).
3) Wired to a battery for easy installation, toggle switch, and flashing light.

Prices are as follows:
1) Just LED Light 6$
2) LED Light wired up (option 1 above) 15$
3) LED Light wired up with switch (option 2 above) 25$
4) LED Light wired up with switch and flash (option 3 above) 40$
5) LED Light wired up with switch and flash/solid light 45$

The above units are designed SPECIFICALLY with space in mind (which is a premium) on Boba Fett gauntlets. Shipping is not included. For US non-tracked shipping is 2$. If a tracking number is required shipping is 7$. For non-US people contact me and I will google the USPS price. An example assembled light kit for option 5 is shown below. Battery size and shape depends on the option selected.


Once the Boba Fett lights are gone, they are gone...I don't know if I can even get the Boba Fett accurate lights again as I bought the rest for sale in the US (that I know of).

Jango Fett Left Gauntlet Light

A video is linked below:

Everything is included and is designed for those who know zero about wiring. Its also designed to take up minimal room in the gauntlet To turn off the light simply disconnect the red connectors (or take out the battery) and're done. I am offering 2 options with different prices.

1) Light wired up without flash - 15$
2) Light wired up WITH flash as seen in video - 30$
3) Light wired up WITH flash and accurate switch 40$
4) Light wired up WITH flash/solid and accurate switch 45$

The above costs do not factor in shipping. That is 2 $ US non-tracked, and 7$ US tracked. For international check with me and I will get back with a rate.

An example assembled Jango light kit for option 4 is shown below. The kit is shown with the solid light on.


Important Note:
If you send me money for an item not as a gift, that is fine. Just remember that I MUST send the item to you with tracking, so your shipping will be more expensive.

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I updated my options based on some feedback requests. Since I will be building these tonight (thanks to my troop with Jeremy Bulloch yesterday) I will PM all those who ordered to make sure they get exactly what they want.


I have materials for 4 Jango lights WITH accurate switches. I am holding 2 for previously placed orders in case they want them. So the first two to send me orders with those switch requests will get them. Those orders are not expected to ship until I receive the switches next week.


Okay folks three things that really helps me out.

1) Please specify which Fett (Jango or Boba) you want the lights made and which option number you are going with.
2) If you are doing a merchant payment (which is fine) keep in mind you MUST have a tracking number thanks to PayPal. Costs for international tracking is pretty crazy, but that means 7$ shipping within the US. It doesn't matter to me...its your money.
3) For payments please include your TDH handle so I can more easily track down payments.

If you want any customizations (aka longer battery cable so you can stuff the battery in the flamethrower) let me know in a PM and I will see what I can do. I managed to snag some more Jango Fett switches so I will be able to make as many with the screen accurate switch as requested.


Okay I have three Boba lights set to be mailed out Monday with the Jango switches arriving I will attempt to have some ready for mailing Monday as well. I will PM everyone involved Sunday or Monday their individual status as I work through the orders.


4 RoTJ lights shipped today. I hope to get the Jango lights and leftover RoTJ lights completed tonight, but it all depends (its my daughters birthday today) on RL stuff. If you don't see your name in the customer order status list I don't know you exist.


Orders updated. 2 Jango sets shipping tomorrow. Prep work done on remaining RoTJ lights. Those will ship Friday.
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