BM Visor


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First I am gonna make sure that these would fit in a SGTfang.

Second, if they are suitable for the ESB style.

Third, does anyone have a spare one that they may be willing to sell?


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I would have to believe it would fit a Sgt Fang. I have one in my MSH1 which is a little bigger. You might have to trim though, not sure.

They are smoked acrylic accurate for ROTJ, not dark green accurate for ESB. However my bucket is ESB, I am using it until I find something more accurate that is still nice and dark.

Sorry, don't have a spare. Try going through BM direct, I had mine in a few weeks.


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So dark green is accurate? I was just worried about using the visor and seeing only green when I took the helmet off!


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I like BobaMaker's visor because it's dark, and it's not green. Green may be accurate, but I'd rather put vision and safety before accuracy.


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I have a BM visor in my MS1 helmet, and since the size/measurements are pretty much identical, I'd say it would fit a Sgt. Fang.
It's a really nice product. It looks really dark from the outside, but vision and clarity are great when you're wearing it.

Mr Fett

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For the green visor, just use a welding visor replacement. It is green, yet looks black from the front and it quite dark. You can get them from welding supply stores for under $10 usually, and are thin enough you can cut them with a pair of scissors.


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The BM visor doesn´t fit a SgtFang helmet. I´ve tried it but it must be wider at the edges.

It´s a very good quality visor but not usable without mods for a SgtFang helmet.

BM will get in the next week the measurements from me for a SgtFang helmet because he want´s to offer a suitably visor.