Blue Door gauntlet origins? Or info?


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I bought these pair of gauntlets a while back, Aprilish on ebay (from the same guy I bought the jet pack) and was wondering if anybody knew anything about their maker, "Blue Door", as it is inscribed in both gauntlets with one possessing the date "2003". I really like the sharp lines and solid construction, and they seem to be very accurate, but have always wondered about the maker and if they're still available. When I first received them they were ROTJ gauntlets. All the metal accents, switches, and electronics were added after by me.
Thanks, Cruzer

Gauntlet pic2.jpg

Gauntlet pic3.jpg

Gauntlet pic4.jpg

Gauntlet pic5.jpg

Gauntlet pic1.jpg
well, they started life out as boba gauntlets. you can see on the left gaunt where the calc pad was cut off. and where on there right, the lighter greeblie was cut and filled in. I've never heard of blue door though. I think maybe it was the previous owners makers nickname they engraved in it?
Thanks Gilmore of OK, yeah they came to me as ROTJ gauntlets, and thanks for reminding me that I need to carve out that lighter greeblie area to be more accurate to Jango's (I think that's the area your talking about). They're smaller in scale and I think perfect for my 5'6" size or anyone smaller. I'd like to make a cast of them but have no idea how to do castings. I need to get a book that tells me how:D
Take it easy, Cruzer
well, that would be recasting, and is frowned upon very highly. On your left gauntlet, carve the cal pad area down some more. Like right the the front angle right there...make it flush with it. Other than that you did really really good converting them.
Even if I wanted to recast it for my own use and not for sale? Wish I could find out more info on these.

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Aghhh, I had no idea they were SFP. I wonder what's up with the "Blue Door" inscription. I would have never guessed I owned a SFP product.:lol: And I only had to wait a week to get them ...not 6 months.:lol:
well they look great to me. i was under the impression thst the Recast rule was only frowned appon when you make copies for other people. i truely dont see the problem with casting for yourself. only problem is you can not sell them. but i can see that the maker might not even like it being recasted in the firstplace. not that I would EVER make copies for my self let alown anyone else
Sounds good to me BobaFettSlave1, best to stay away from the recast (y). I have no idea how to anyways. Thanks Spidey and Gilmore for your input.
If it's SPF, I don't see the problem in recasting them. I thought they sold recasts anyways. I think it's a lot of work to recast them, though still not anywhere near the work it takes to make them yourself. It would prolly be best to not recast though.
Actually askywalker98 now that you mention it, I am thinking about constructing a kid sized set of gauntlets for my son's Boba costume since I don't know of anyone who makes them. That should make for an interesting project. The base is probably going to be a plastic drinking cup cut in half and then I'll build on to the top pieces with 1/8 inch sintra and bondo. Should be an interesting project that would be worth documenting in pics.

Later, Cruzer
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I just scored a set of these myself from a buddy who's had em sitting in his closet for the last 2 years. They are thick and really well made. who is spf though?
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