Blaster Greebies Templates/Blueprints


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I have been working on trying to finishing up the Webley drawings and I have started drawing up the greebies and experimenting with 3D solid modeling and this what I have so far.

Since I just bought a Revell V8 off of e-bay I was able to work directly off the originals part, while the large stock plate was done by doing a reverse perspective drawing and using the Revell V8 part to scale from. I am also working on a ROTJ barrel drawing as well as a parts list for those wishing to build their own.

As always let me know what you all think. Suggestions and constructive criticism is always welcome.


UPDATED 12/28/07

Added the Templates see the attachment below.


  • Webley Greeblies.pdf
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I agree! Nice work! I am currently trying to figure out a way to scratch-build the pulley using some scrap styrene and "o" rings...if you get a chace e-mail me the DWG file;)