Black Series - Best Padding?


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Hi everyone,

I just got the Black Series Boba Fett Helmet for Christmas, & I absolutely love it! However, there is one problem with it: the interior head strap. Even at it's lowest setting, my eyes were still below visor. I had to remove the strap in order to properly see out of it. Now the only problem is getting it so its not loose on my head, while still being able to see out of the visor.

Does anyone have any helmet padding recommendations? Any that are possibly universe accurate?




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Hey, the interior for the BS Fett is based on my design. So I suppose I'd be able to offer some suggestions. Unfortunately, my liners don't fit the BS very well without completely dismantling it... But hopefully this will give you an idea of what you're looking for. 2922498B-5D46-453C-B706-B9CEC6663234.jpeg IMG_20201108_024323181_HDR.jpg


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So ended up buying this set for my helmet:
I after messing with the configuration this is the end result. I used 7 out of 9 pads. I ended up using a hat filler insert to give me some protection at the back of my skull, while still being able to see out of the visor. If ever get a Boba Fett balaclava, I might remove some of the padding, but for now, this fits snugly: