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My other thread is here somewhere...but figured I'd start a new one. Progress is coming along great. Got my armor finally attached to the vest. Now just need to finish up a couple more pieces and I'll be ready for AdventureCon.


My custom communications pack.


My original concept art...almost there! :D


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Had my wife take some pics before marking where the slits in the legs of my suit need to be for the straps to be hidden.

I was also able to finish connecting the pack and got the cape/kama finished up. (Can't see either very well in the pic...well...part of the cape/kama).


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Good color scheme, good weathering, love the commo pack, great overall custom. One question, got pics of whatever weapon you plan to carry. Keep at it in any case.



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Looks awesome, I will see it in person at AdCon if you are still coming..if I may say, weather the flightsuit! ;) It will blend the rest of the costume together, pull it all in. Back to my own business now... LOL..nice job (y)


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Yes, I am coming to AdCon so anyone who will be there will see it in person on Saturday. The flight suit is weathered...just can't see it well in the photos. It's a used gas station mechanic it has it's share of oil stains, worn spots, and I've misted it in places with some black spray paint.

The cape is being weathered it is the most "new" thing material-wise.

I will have finished pics (pre-cape weathering) WITH weapon, here in just a couple of minutes.

Thank you all! :D