BH4548 Back again - sold my kit long ago - want to rebuild...


RamSkirata Did u ever decide on a build? Glad I could help inspire you!

Thanks for asking! Good to see that you are "back".
I have learned a LOT since then. And what I learned seems to leant towards akquiring / building nice display pieces.
In terms of costuming, I will read the Republic Commando Books again and while doing so note down every snippet of information on Kal Skiratas armor that I can find directly or deduce from what is described he does with or in armor. (i.e. sits down in armor in a tight ship --> no backpack or jetpack). Thats the status quo :)


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OK~ I'm beginning my build and I already see some challenges.

I need some ear cap covers because I got metal earcap inserts and the metal stalk.


Also I have a hollow V3 copper rocket from MachineCraft but it doesn't fit on a Cruzer Jango Gauntlet.


And I think I got these knee dart launchers from BKBT which are smaller than my original ones and don't have screw holes. Here are the large ones that he made compared to the small darts of my larger set.




Are the knee darts so small that they look weird? Or just that they're slightly smaller? I can't really tell in your knee dart photo.