BH4548 Back again - sold my kit long ago - want to rebuild...


Greetings Vode,

I am a long time member that sold my kit a few years back due to travelling on the SBX-1 (google it).

I want to rebuild a new Jango with premium parts, so I need a few things...

Here is my original kit that I sold...

Complete Movie Accurate Jango Fett Costume with Extras:​
*Featured in photos with Jeremy Bulloch, Daniel Logan, and Temuera Morrison and on the Star Wars parade float at DragonCon 2011*
1st Helmet– BKBT (included internal padding with new custom chin skirt and ACH helmet straps)​
2nd Helmet – ASOK original Cold Cast with Chucko chin skirt Paint by Thrax​
Armor: BKBT - Chest armor w/diamond, abs, shoulders, collar, codpiece, thighs, shoe armor​
*Chest armor has built-in speaker system with headset/microphone​
Back plate + shins – CRUZER​
Knees – ASOK w/Aluminum parts​
Holster – CRUZER​
Bolo belt – CUSTOM Thrax​
Ammo belt – SKR​
Gauntlets – WICKEDBEARD One of a kind all METAL with solid Aluminum rocket and electronics -​
Arena Style Jetpack – MOW - Painted by Thrax​
2nd Standard Jetpack – MLC - Painted by SKR​
Leather vest, air brush weathered – BobaMaker​
Jango Flight suit – BobaMaker​
Master Replicas Westar-34 blasters –MR (x2 pair) in display box with certificates of authenticity​
Boots Size 10 Bed STU- Kenneth Cole clone weathered SKR​
Boots Size 10 - Crow62 (Giovanni)​
Gloves - (Ladies Size Large Blue) -Target (x3 pair)​
Neck seal - CUSTOM Thrax​
Helmet Chin Skirt - Chucko​
RC Rangefinder lights, electronics & servo – Salamander King​
Kamino dart (aluminum - maker unknown)​

So far I have:
1 pair of Metal Westar-34's Pistols thanks to RXtreme (maker unknown) [RECEIVED]
1 Pair Jango Fett Pit Crew Boots from Crow62 (Giovanni)
1 V4 Jetpack Harness from Seeker.

Purchased 1 pair of Women's L/XL blue leather TARGET (Merona) gloves from PoshMark (online store) [RECEIVED]
Purchased 1 set Leather Holsters, Ammo Belt & Bolo/Girth Belt from Cruzer
Purchased 1 unfinished, unpainted, undented cold cast resin Jango Fett Helmet kit from Cruzer
Purchased 1 set coldcast resin Chest, Abs, Shoulder, Collar and Backplate armor from Cruzer
Purchased 1 set coldcast resin Leg, Shin, Knee and Boot armor from Cruzer
Purchased 1 pair of coldcast resin Jango Gaultlets from Cruzer
Purchased 1 medium size Jango Flight Suit from Cruzer
Purchased 1 Arena Style Jetpack - MOW
Purchased 1 V2 Helmet Padding and Dome Insert from WhiteShadow [RECEIVED]
Purchased 1 hollow aluminum Gauntlet Rocket from MachineCraft Replicas [RECEIVED]

That leaves the following:
Leather Vest
Metal Jango knee dart (one large)
Microphone and speaker
Helmet electronics & vent fan

...various assembly materials and plenty of manual labor. :)

For now, I can still troop in my 501st approved ESB Boba Fett.


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I'm in the midst of building up my Jango at the moment. Got a dented and undented helmet from MinuteFett and will be looking at his armor set very soon since he acquired Cruzer's molds. Happy with the helmets and the photos of the armor look pretty good.


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Welcome back Thrax. Delta13 Mike will be the best for leather pieces, his work is awesome! Loanstar still makes the vests and other items.
Darkside will be the best source for metal pieces for Jango. When you get ready to get the armor from MinuteFett, the knee armor comes in 3 different widths I believe. Arkady makes the flight suits.. Anyway, hope that helps!


Hi Shen, I remember you. It would be nice to get a dented helmet too. I wish Asok's wife still made helmets, I need a smaller bucket.

Hi, HVACDon thx very much for the tips. I'm definitely looking for metal knee parts and I wish WickedBeard would make me another set of Jango gauntlets. I sold his first Jango set that he ever made. He swore he would NEVER make another metal set, yet here I own a set of his ESB gauntlets, lol.


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Hey Thrax, If you're interested, Man O War has the Arena Jetpack on sale right now for $225, that's a great price!!


NM, I snagged it. I will update my list soon.

I think the hardest part will be finding those darn Ladies blue leather gloves from Target.


Right, I read on here that a dented helmet was required for Arena Jetpack? Gotta go back and read more careflully.

I'm still looking for an ASOK coldcast (smaller) Jango bucket that I can add the dent to. I just acquired an unfinished Cruzer CC bucket. I sold my ASOK before he died. :(


This might as well serve as my re-Build thread...

Just got this today: hollow metal copper gauntlet rocket from MachineCraft ...thanks!

See my original post to see the progress in parts acquisition so far.


Seeing your (old?) Pic really gets me excited both for your new build and for Jango in general. Boba has more details and is arguably more work, but Jango is really hard to get right.
And im interested for another reason... Im new to the site with the vague initial goal of building a 501st approved Mando and a full metal Mando for personal "use". But the more I read, the more I see the wealth of options. Reading about your full metal gauntlets e.g. is inspiring. And who knows... maybe I can combine my full metal goals with 501st approval. We'll see.
So far the options seem to be: ESB Boba, Jango or Kal Skirata.
Where am I getting at...
Maybe this: Your build seems really really promising and is inspiring already.
(it inspired me to write a novel in your thread ;) )
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