Best Sintra in town.


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The best one to get is the 3mm (1/8th) Sintra Dark Gray 48x96( 4 x 8 ) for 31.00 bucks. they could cut it in half. 4x4 sheets.

I've used the white one before, but it seemed too soft and less rigid.

I've been using this stuff for years.
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Thanks for the heads up

did you order it direct from the Bensonville plant ? I see they have a plant here in Indiana also

What they charge ya for shiping for the 4x4 sheets ?

thanks bro

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lairds plastic is a HUGE plastics company , so its not like they manufacture the stuff in Bensonville. Its just a distribution center. So I figure, the Indiana store should stock the same stuff at the same quality !


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Ya I was checking their site out, I figured as much. Now it's just a question of whats a shorter round trip for me, fighting Chi-town traffic up to near O'Hare or the run to Indy.

Thanks guys