best ESB mold?


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Hey everyone,

After lurking for ages I've decided to buckle down and start working on a full costume. I really like the ESB helmet, and wanted to know what the general consensus was on the best person to contact for a decent ESB mold? I'm more then happy to do all the painting/visor work myself, I just would rather not throw down cash to some unknown on ebay when theres an entire community who knows whats best.
I apologize if this is in the wrong area.

Since without the paint anyone here who produces a "Boba Helmet" produces relatively the same helmet. It depends on your price range, Asok produces probably the cheapest i've seen his turn around time is pretty good as he is not as busy and he is in the States his sale thread is here (just an fyi the mold he uses is one he purchased from fettpride so if you like his budget helmet thats the one asok makes.)
There is also fettpride who produces a great set of helmets, he has a couple different helmets most notably is his "Grant McChune Helmet" which is cast from a mold used to cast Pre-production Empire Strikes back helmets, so that seems the most accurate and that is here though he is extremly busy so his turn around time is at least 6 months from what I have seen. Lastly there is bobamaker who produces a very accurate helmet his website is here bobamaker: Helmet . There are others out here but these are the three from what I have seen as "Top sellers". Sorry if all this seems like a jumble, I had a lot I wanted to say as this is the first real chance I have had to give information rather than read it.