Best Digital Chest Display?

Jodo Kast 3

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I want to do a few upgrades to my old armor. I've seen a few different makers of the digital chest display on ETSY and Ebay.......Just looking for a recommendation on a decent one?



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I second BudaFett 's recommendation. Jon over at Fettronics is not only great to deal with but his end product is outstanding.

One of the things I liked was that Fettronics allows you to customize your own display, which is what I did (as shown above). Also very reasonable prices too.


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I believe my deluxe design is a contender for best.

  • Low profile chip and adjustable window gaps
  • 15 animations built in, including a full resolution bargraph for Cobb Vanth / mando builds.
  • Buttons on back or front select animations and your selection is saved through power cycles
  • For custom animations, I have an easy to fill out excel sheet that spits out the source code.

I sell them as kits with some members reselling completed ones.