Best 'Bang for the Buck' JP?

Darth Flan

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Well Im finally getting the itch to finish up my Boba Fett, he looks Nekked without his JP. I wondered what you guys feel is the Best JP for the money. 100% Screen acurate is not necessary but close. Obviously I would do my own painting and weathering. Also weight is not an issue because it is for display only on a mannequin.

Give me your 2Cents!


My Naked Fett


Hey DF,
I can't really help you yet, I just orderd my MLC last week. I'll let you know what I think and if you want any close up pics, I can.

Great looking Fett btw!
Thanks for the reply's all! I'm keeping my eyes and ears open and still scouring the threads to figure out what I want.

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