Beginning a helmet from scratch


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Try doing an overlay with this picture:


Phil: Yeah, I knew something looked wrong on the dome. I have a suspicion mine is far too high. Your image looks quite good.

BobaFettish: Wow, that is a really good pic. Wish I had seen it sooner. :) Would you say it is pretty much exactly straight on? Also - the image says "prototype" ... is it essentially the same piece as was used in the movie?

Would you happen to have any pics of the front at such a good angle?

Again, thanks.


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That is a picture of one of the first Fett helmets, if not THE first one. It is believed that the ESB helmet was pulled from the same mold but given a different paint scheme.

Do you want a straight on picture of the ESB or RotJ helmet? I'm not sure of the origin of the helmet in the picture below (although I think Brak's could enlighten us), but it's a nice helmet and a good reference picture for what you're doing.


Is there really a difference between the ESB and RotJ versions? Asides from paintjob of course.

Forgive me, I am not well versed in Fett helmets. ;)

If there is a difference, I could use a ESB head-on.

Thanks for the info about the other pic.


Yes, there's quite a difference between the ESB and ROTJ helmets. Besides the paint job, the ROTJ helmet is actually a little bit smaller and doesn't quite have the same flare that the ESB helmet has.

Do you have a copy of the Reference CD? There's some pretty decent head on shots on there . . . specifically I'm thinking of the ones that DCB took!


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Please keep in mind that the "movie accurate" helmet that a number of people now have isn't truly "movie accurate." It more accurately should be called "most movie accurate to date" helmet. In reality that helmet is a custom scuplt. It is dangerous to supliment artistic interpretation in place of the real deal.

Please do not think I am trying to tear the helmet down. I think it is the best damn thing I have seen and far ahead of any of the competition. However, the sculptor was just as prone to error as anyone else who has studied the helmet. Instead of using his dimensions as gospel, it would be highly advisable to do an in depth study and discover what YOU feel like are accurate measurements. Otherwise you end up with a trickle down effect of errors going from one sculpt to the next. Always go back to the source. Always rely on the REAL helmet.


Ego: Thanks. I searched around a found a thread with a few differences listed. I have the ref CD - I'll check those images.

Brak's Buddy: Yeah, I hear ya. I figure to use some basic dimensions off that helmet as a starting point, and reference the real one for exactness. Dunno how far that'll get me though.

Anyway, this is what I have now:

This is the plain CAD version - I hid dimensions etc for simplicity. (I'm also doing the other views, but they aren't anywhere near completion yet.)

And, the same image overlayed on the helmet pic BobaFettish provided:

I *think* the discrepancies on the bottom edge are due to the camera angle of the photo - unless the bottom of the helmet does in fact curve. (Anyone know for sure?) As you can see there are other problems, but I'm not sure how precise I want to go, or whether those areas of error are due to the photographs angle or are true mistakes in my work.

I welcome thoughts and comments. :)

~ Mike

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Spooky how close that really is. I think that your idea about photo angle is dead-on. If you'll look, the cheek section has a straight line in relation to your superimposed line, and the rear has a curved line. The combination of the two indicates that the shot was taken just high of level.


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This is the photo from the CD that I based my profile on. It shows the steeper angle of the rear quite clearly, plus the camera's viewpoint is pretty close to level to minimise distortions. I have a feeling that the steeper rear/flatter front of the dome adds something to the 'look' or image factor of the Fett helmet, that it wouldn't have if it was a symmetrical dome, closer to the stormtrooper helmets. Does that make sense? Sorry about the size of the image - I tried to compress it, but didn't get very far. :facepalm



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Nice pic, Blaxmyth. Keep in mind though that this picture is of the RotJ helmet, a prime example of one difference between the two helmets.


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BobaFettish wrote:

Nice pic, Blaxmyth. Keep in mind though that this picture is of the RotJ helmet, a prime example of one difference between the two helmets.

Sorry BobaFettish - I'm slowly but surely veering to the ROTJ end of the continuum, try as I might to prevent it. ;)


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Wait, I found my flexitape.

I'll go with MM's dimensions . . hopefully that'll be everything you need.

Keep in mind, this is an ESB helmet (but really, are there any other's worth mentioning?) :)

A: 322mm
B: 156mm
C (Boba's Left): 125mm
C (Boba's Right): 135mm
D: 48mm
E: 375mm
F: 118mm
G: I Got Nuthin' :)
H: 179mm
I: 67mm

For J&K I assumed the line breaking the two dimensions was if you extended the line where the cheek meets the ear panel, if that makes sense to you.
J: 317mm
K: 462mm

X&Z I don't really know an easy way of measuring so . . not sure how much help I can give on that one.

Hope these help though.

Do you still have That Photo ?