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Hello all, this is my first thread. I am wanting to create my own boba costume. ROTJ verson. I know nothing of anything. I have read all kinds of forums and also things like tk409's site and richies armor. I just dont know where to begin. I want to start off with a jumpsuit but I cant find the right one. I live in a place that has nothing that has been posted. I have to take an hour drive just to get sintra pieces. I was wondering if anyone can tell me where to get a jumpsuit off the net at a good price. The correct color and everything. I dont have a large budget and so I must go piece by piece. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Lynn TXP 0369

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First, do a search for the items you want to research using the search function on this forum under the "control panel" in the top left of your screen. Most of all the info you seek is there.

Good luck and HTH.


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I feel ya man!
I just recently have begun the undertaking on my Fett costume. I made the decision to work from top to bottom. My reason was that to start on the helmet and finish it would give me a constant reminder of what we are shooting for. The bucket is the one piece that distinguishes the costume instantly.
Good Luck and no matter how much of a budget you are on, the obsession will cause you to find the cash! LOL

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I started a short time ago, I made my own jumpsuit using white coveralls then dyed them, I'm a builder so a sewing machine isn't the first tool on my list to pack for work but I managed it, plus it will help keep costs down (so you can spend it on over Fett goodies) good luck with it.

Jodo Kast 2749

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The "Cargo Hold" is a great place to shop. Every once in a while you can get a screaming deal.

PM me if you want a copy of my armor templates. I charge 100,000 republic credits which is equal to $0.00 US at current exchange rates. :lol:

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I started the creation of my Boba Fett costume in 1999/2000. At that time only MB and RA were good item dealers. The parts weren’t absolutely accurate but a significant progress to ordinary fan creations. The making of an accurate Fett costume is a long and hard way. You will sweat and cry but what you need is DETERMINATION! Feel free to ask, we are here in order to help you.

And yes, Jodo_Kast's templates are great. :)