BB-8 costume (for a 3 year old)

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes' started by RBF, Dec 15, 2017.

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    Now to get a picture together with her older sister as a Trooper and we're all set :)
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  2. deathxcircle

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    Ok, that's adorable!
  3. WhyItMatterz

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    Well Done. The boots are perfect
  4. hvacdon

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    That's Great !!
  5. Funkyred

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    IMG_8477.JPG A young girl wearing a BB8 costume came up to me with her mother recently and asked for a picture. When I said yes of course she crouched down and disappeared into BB8 It was awesome
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  6. hvacdon

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    Awesome Pic !!
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  8. Artakha

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    Aw. BB8 is such a fun character to try cosplaying as.
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