battle damage suggestions


I am about to start the customizing of my mando armor but I need some advice. I am wanting to add some blaster/slug hits on my chest plates but don't know how to make them look good. I have thought about doing dremel work but also thought of maybe taking a metal rod and grinding the sides down to make it look like a blunt spear, heat it and press it into the plastic of the armor to melt it into a blaster patern.

Has anyone tried this before, and any suggestions that you have for this type of battle damage It would be appriciate it.

Here is a link to my armor concepts so far. After Christmas I am planing to dive into the project big time.
I'm thinking black and silver for the most part. The armor will be black with the lettering in silver. The mandables on the helm will be silver and I am thinking about mando skulls as my kill marks.

I have been thinking of using a Jango style flack vest for the armor to keep with the dark look and a carbon fiber look to the under shirt. I am a paintball store owner and one of the jersey companies makes a carbon fiber looking jersey that I think will look sweet. I have also thought about adding in some chain mail under the neck armor or as the lower cape but until I get the basics down I don't want to get too many ideas in my head.
It looks like your using sintra so here are a few pictures of some armor I did up 2 years ago for my GF. I heated the area up that was to be damaged from BEHIND the piece using a heat gun. When the sintra was maluable I quickly went to work on the area with a chisle and carved in the battle damage. Carefull not to get to crazy and poke a hole through then you'll have to make a quick bondo repair.
After your done your damage paint the dented areas silver, mask them with liquid latex or mustard and paint your other colors. When your done painting rub of the masking and you've got your perfect damage.




sorry to hijack the thread for a sec but how did you get that shape on the sintra? I am having a rough time getting anything more complex than a simple curve.
Just a guess but I would say he used heat to get the sentra pliable and then molded it to that form. I am interested as well.
Yes it is an A-5. The stock is a opsgear M-249 SAW stock. I am a dealer with opsgear and tippman so I can get this stuff for anyone who is interested.
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