BatNinja's ROTJ Armor Vest - Limited Run!


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UPDATE 8/30/06: As I continue to get PMs, I want to reiterate: this run is closed, as I am out of the TDH tackletwill fabric. It is highly unlikely that the TDH administration will be ordering anymore in the near future. However, if you have your own fabric, and would like me to sew it for you, PM me for details!

I offer these vests in four basic sizes: M (38-40), L (42-44), XL (46-48 ) and XXL (50-52). In other words, if you wear a Large T-shirt, then a Large vest should fit you fine. I’m using 1 ½” Velcro for the closure, so there is plenty of ‘wiggle’ room for individual size adjustment. At this time, I am NOT doing custom orders.

The liner is made of a standard bottom-weight fabric, usually grey or white, depending on whatever I have available. The sleeves are quilted with 3/4" stitch lines, and the front side of the vest is padded.

I do not add strap-holes or Velcro to the vest, as many people have different preferred attachment methods. These alterations can be done by most any local seamstress or alterations shop.

After much consideration, I am now offering these either WITH or WITHOUT the lower jet pack attachment cutout. Please specify which you prefer when you order.

I apologize, but at this time, I do not produce neckseals. See TK409 for his outstanding neckseals. I highly recommend them!

1. Buckeye_01 - XXL WITH - PAID 7/15 - SHIPPED 7/29 - RECEIVED
2. Rat_Fett - M WITH - PAID 7/15 - SHIPPED 7/29 - RECEIVED
4. pghfett - L WITH - PAID 7/15 - SHIPPED 8/4 - RECEIVED
5. fettswatcop - L WITH - PAID 7/17 - SHIPPED 8/12 - RECEIVED
6. 99centTaco - L WITH - PAID 7/19 - SHIPPED 8/12 - RECEIVED
7. mulrich - XL WITH - PAID 7/20 - SHIPPED 8/12 - RECEIVED
8. BH795 - XL WITH - PAID 7/20 - SHIPPED 8/12 - RECEIVED
9. Icedevil - M WITH - PAID 7/20 - SHIPPED 8/20 - RECEIVED
10. Droid Collector - L WITH - PAID 7/21 - SHIPPED 8/22
11. zombierepellent - XL WITH - PAID 7/22 - SHIPPED 8/22 - RECEIVED
12. Gilmore of OK - L WITH - PAID 8/13 - SHIPPED 8/22 - RECEIVED
13. deadbolt - L WITH - PAID 8/15 - SHIPPED 8/22 - RECEIVED
14. sithlord23 - L WITHOUT - PAID 8/22 - SHIPPED 8/29

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All I have to say is this vest is a "MUST HAVE"! if your looking for the most accurate currently offered. I've owned several different makers vests and these are just awsome! If you have the money GET ONE!!!
DonnieDarko688 said:
Man I would if they were ESB vests.

I'm not sure there really is a difference; there are several ESB Fetts with this vest, and it still looks great!

Maybe an ESB expert can chime in...
For you guys that always falling asleep,don't miss out on this opportunity!!Batninja makes a really awesome looking vest. Get them while you can.

DonnieDarko688 said:
I am thinking about it by the way, just waiting on another vest that I ordered to come in so we will have to wait and see.

Don't think too long. Those last couple of spots will fill in fast! :)
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