Bargain Flightsuit Run


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Hello Arkady,
I am also interested in the same question. I'm new to the forum and in search of ESB Boba Fett flightsuit and other soft parts. You come highly recommended by others. Where can I communicate with you and find your products? Thank you.


Received mine this month and this is so worth the money it's not even funny! Gorgeous craftsmanship and fabrics are beautiful. The fit was spot on as well. Well worth the wait and i'd 100% buy from her again if i ever decide to make a ROTJ boba :) Thank you Arkady


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Received my RotJ flight suit, belt pouches, and spats yesterday! They are UNBELIEVABLE!!! Absolutely TOP NOTCH Quality!!! Well worth the wait! I would have waited two years for this suit! If you are in need of any soft parts, contact Carole! Definitely the way to go!



Interested in both an esb and rotj. Bothe the flight suit and vest and neck seal. Can you pm me pricing and wait list times ( approximate is perfectly fine, your stuff is the best and worth the wait).