Balsa wood??

Almost any hobby supply or art supply store should have them, AC Moore, Michaels, Pearl Paint or dick blick art supply would also have it in sheets or any other shape/style you might need. A lot of your choice may depend on where you live or if you want to order it offline or pick up in person. What are you building that you need the Basla for?

Ammo pouches..(y)

Do they come in big blocks? i live in Canada, so Hobbytown USA is to far to drive just for

i'll hit a few hobby shops and Michaels, thx guys.
I was actually in a Michael's the other day and they didn't stock anything near big enough to make the pouches with.

I originally bought my balsa wood at a Hobbytown USA, but even then I had to buy three separate sizes that when combined and glued together became the perfect size.
Solarbo has 12, 18, or 36 inch 2x4 blocks. You will have a solid piece of balsa that you actually have to trim down a little.
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