Back Vents - Should they go?


Active Hunter
It's not strictly a Boba Question, but...

Should I cut out the vent slots in the back of my bucket and stick a grille over it?
I'm thinking more for my Skirata bucket than for my Boba.

I've seen pics of Jango's bucket witht he back vents cut out and grilled.
I'm thinking that as I plan to fit a gasket to the helmet, the extra venting would be a good idea.

Thoughts from you seasoned experts?


I think that cutting out the rear vents is a good idea for the air flow. I however cut out only half of them in my custom mando. I started with the bottom one and cut it out. Skiped the next one and then cut out the next one up etc. So i cut out 3 of the 6 and am going to put in the screen over it......