For Sale Autumn Run: Boba Fett Chest Display/Lights - Ready to Ship


Jr Hunter
Hello Everyone,

Due to some interest in the forum as well as via PM I put together another run of chest Displays/Lights that I can ship out immediately. Like in the past, this is a limited run

These can be programmed for ESB, RotJ or in a custom configuration of your choice

The kits are two pieces so they will fit into ANY armor makers kit you have.




Due to some component price increases, I have to increase the price of the kits by $5
Kit is $85.


Anywhere in the United States $5.00

International Shipping: Calculated based on destination.
Please PM me if you are interested!

This video will show you what my kit looks like. It will also show that the top bar is a separate piece so spacing does not matter for the armor brand.

ROTJ Display:

ESB Display:



Jr Hunter
HI There,

I had someone who asked for a kit, and then backed out. as I have to order the parts in sets of 3, that means that I have 3 sets left to sell. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM, and I will arrange shipping.