Aurra Sing Aurra Sing made it in time for SDCC!


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This costume has been on the drawing board since my Fett and in the last year I have accumulated alot of the parts for her.
I was sewing like mad up until the Monday before SDCC and managed to get it complete.
I have a couple pics to share from Friday the only day I wore Aurra.
She is alot of work to get into! I'd much rather put on Fett :p

aurra sdcc.jpg

Aurra and TKS.jpg

Aurra crossed guns.jpg

aurra hands.jpg


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The suit and the makeup came out great and you wear it like a true bounty hunter! I remember when you were at the 'fingers' stage... How did you solved that issue?

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I can't believe that I missed this! You looked great! I am so mad at myself for not gettin a picture with you though! Really good job :)


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Great job Christy, very well done glad to see you get this finished! Do you mind if I post up on my FB page the pic of you holding my pistols??


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Brickk those were from a mold of finger extensions from Johnny Depps fingers in Darkshadows I just added the fifth finger as opposed to the 4 he had in the movie. I had to slit a couple of them to make them smaller. Some paint and I added fake finger nails to the nail bed rather than just use the shape. It added more dimension and realism to them.