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This is just a quickie intro into zam costuming because newbies seem to ask the same questions.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: It depends on how accurate you want your costume to be. Depending on your materials, you could spend anywhere between $500-$3000 on a good costume. If you want a budget zam, there are easy thrift store fixes too.

Q: Where do I start?
A: Goto ebay and buy a cardboard standup for lots of your referencing/measurements. Then, look under the zam parts list and make a check off list. Borrow/buy someone's visual dictionary and zoom in. You will find a lot of referencing there. Buy a 12" Zam, or a minibust, lots there too. You'd be surprised how much detail that are on there.

DCB used to have a Magic of Myth Reference CD and a website, I am not sure if he is still producing them, and his site is down.

Final and Best Advice: Read EVERYTHING throughout the entire zam forum. And when in doubt about a part, hit "search."
There are a lot of links that are dead links and stuff sorry! But we don't get paid to host this info for free, so, lots of stuff is lost.
Edit *10/10/06
Just recreated my zam site. look under: RefMaterials for more references.

Edit*4/11/09 Goto the TDH Zam Gallery for pic references!

Edit* 2/8/16 Hi all, Please keep a copy of any research on the site for yourselves. I am unable to keep up the site for financial and time issues. If I could figure out a way to keep a copy of my own site, before it gets taken down permanently, I will let you know. But it will be taken down soon. Sorry, folks, but I don't have the time or funds to keep up with hosting the site every year.

Edit* 2/9/16 I tried rebuilding on a free web hosting service last year, but unfortunately, can't keep the links and had to recreate from scratch.
Per some suggestions, Here's the main 2 pictures that are most helpful:

Zam I Am
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I've just joined the forum and I'm working through all the posts. I'm from the UK and my usual making is period costume and uniforms. I'm really excited about making my Zam costume! Thank you to everyone for all the information.

Hello there!

I'm Mari! Just joined and, like the poster above, have just begun to read through all the posts and am gathering ideas to make a great Zam costume! Excited!!!!!

I'm a bit worried though, seeing many posts that are a few YEARS old!
Welcome Marivel! It's a lot of fun and exciting to get started on making a Zam costume. Don't let the old posts worry you though... we kept them up because they have important information (erm...usually) or they kept the flow of the "conversation" going. Since Zam was introduced with AOTC in 2002... costumers have been working on the costume since then - hopefully improving it as they went! Feel free to ask questions too... chances are someone else has wondered the same thing or knows the answer (hopefully - though not always! :) )

Don't forget to check out the New Gallery for photo references of the Zam costume as well.
Hi!. Im new here and i would like to do an Zam uniform but im not sure wher i can find all the tings. i Live i Norway.. pleac help me:zam
Hi Tonks, welcome to TDH. You've come to the right place for a Zam costume!

First - look around this forum for information on how we made our costumes. A lot of the material (leather for instance) will be available locally. There is always more than one way to make any given item - that's where the creativity comes in. Organize what you want to get started on first - and begin there.

Second - some of our members do make some of the more complicated items like the greeblies, etc. You can contact them by private message on how payment and shipping.

Third - Get in contact with your local 501st group in Norway (I know they have one!) They can be an invaluable resource for helping make any Star Wars costume and probably know where to find some local resources for your Zam costume.

We're here to help where we can - and a lot of answers can also be found on the forum here (use the search feature for specific questions ).

Good luck! BTW I had the chance to visit Norway a few years ago - spent a week there. It was so green and beautiful, and other places still had glaciers in July - quite the contrast to Arizona!
Very cool, a Zam resource. Thanks for the threads and info. I'm a new one here and will be reading a lot on these forums.
Just joined (yesterday). Just starting scouting for my wife's upcoming Zam-costume. Any hints are welcomed warmly!!

Welcome SL4918,

Well... there is a lot of information inside the Zam forums. I've tried to put all the main stuff you'll need here at the top. But the good old search tool is necessary for a lot of it. Best of all though - we're here to ask if you have any questions - a number of Zammers have completed their costumes though some of us are still working on them.

One place you'll definitely want to check out is the Zam Reference Gallery- you'll find more pictures than you thought existed on Zam to help with the costume. :)

Other hints... Zam is complicated. Don't try to make it in a weekend. If you're trying to make a 501st ready costume... make a list of the parts (we have on here... somewhere - and the 501st should get one published soon!) and pick an area to start on.

Good luck and don't be shy about asking questions! :D
Thanks MaulMaus,
I have sent a few messages to members here on the forum who sells (or maybe HAVE sold) some kits to get a few quotes. Have also started to gather as many photos and as much information as possible.
Will be sure to ask if/when I get stuck ;)
Hey everyone!!

I'm a member of the NEG and working on a Zam.. Definitally will take my a while but I'm excited to get working on it.. I'm starting to read all the threads now.. A Lot of reading in my future :)
Hi and welcome to the Zam Boards mrsnaglium! Hope you enjoy the journey of making your own Zam costume! If you have any questions - please feel free to post them. Someone, somewhere has probably wondered the same thing, or run into the same problem at some point! And be sure to check out the Zam Reference Photos in the Gallery section - there are some really great reference pictures in there.

Again... welcome to the world of Zamming!

thanks!!! i have all the fabric to make th outfit itself and i have all the greeblies (from jdfett).. I also was able to look at his wife's zam first hand which helped alot! i'm excited to start this project but i just have to finish my cw clone first (been working on it for a while now)
Woops.... time to me to say hello too. Cannot say I'm new to this, (as mentioned elsewhere) I've been working on this lovely lady for 2,5 years. So I've been lurking in the shadows.

Super thanks to all you zammers, who has brought this beautiful costume to life. It has been a real pleasure to read all this topics. You guys n gals rok!
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Glad to have you here to pink_wesell! Yes... some of us have been working on this for a while now... *sigh* And I'm sure there are a few other lurkers out there too. Please feel free to ask any questions or post your progress pics to these forums - we'd love to see your costume! :D
Thanks MaulMaus!

I will post my progress once I get past the dye process. Then there will be something to show too... Do I have questions? Oh yes, some, few, couple... lol. Even been reading all the topic over and over again, there are still some question marks left.
Hi :) I just joined the site today, and I am really excited to start creating a Zam costume!
I know it'll take a lot of time to make the costume, but I'm nervous on how to start since this will be my first costume ever....
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