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Hi gang. Wondering if any of you can direct me to someone that can sew & put together an Asajj Ventress costume? My wife would like to join the 501st with me & do this character. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Well there are several different versions of this costume, (star wars comics [1st] {there are actually several versions in this catagory}, the original animated clone wars series [2nd], and the new 3D animation clone wars series [3rd]).



Do you know witch one she wants to do?
Which version are you interested in? My wife is studying costume design and enjoys a challenge. She has experience is Star Wars costumes and some anime stuff...
I know that the Asajj Ventress that I saw at Star Wars weekends was great. One of the best costumes of the weekend. And she made some little kids cry. I will try to find a pic and post it.

A little boy was in line to get a Commander Cody autograph and he was dressed as Cody. As Ventress come walking by she begins to stalk and intimidate the little boy who was about 7 years old. He bursts into tears and the big Commander Cody comes running over and scare Ventress off.

I say all of that to say this.......a Ventress costume done right can be quite impressive. Good luck with the build.
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