Armour pics-almost there!!!


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Finally got around to posting some pics- would appreciate your opinions guys and girls!! I know the vest here is a little shiny, I need to weather it up, awaiting my airbrush as we speak!!!




The collar looks a little high (or the armour low depending how you look at it!!) but it looks ok on me as opposed to a hanger! Got the cod and lower back done too.




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well despite the inaccurate weathering... it has "the" Fett feeling to it!!

well then I guess I can only judge when seeing it on you, but maybe bring the chest pieces a wee bit closer to the center diamond, that's about it...

well done!!

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thats what i was going to suggest also, tilt the chest pieces so the gap around diamond is smaller.


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fettishist said:
No- I'm going to weather the vest so it isn't shiny!!
actually it is a bit shiny... so don't lose the shiny look all together, it looks good!! :D


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Looks pretty good. You may want to bring up the armor a bit to the collar piece.. Seems a bit low. The vest looks great but weather it up a bit. It will give the costume more depth and bring down the shine.