Armor Vest, by R_boba_fett


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ow man, I just started at it, drawing a bit, with absolutly 0 sewing experience but the basics I had at school for 1 year...

wow... this is not exactly 100 % well done, the neck is a little strange, but since the collar plate will cover that up...

I didn't even use templates, made my own sketches based of my measurments, and used the reference pics of TK-409 and the MoM exhibition...

tell me what you think

Flak Vest.jpg

sleeve zoom.jpg
well I miss one line... but hey... it's ALOT better then what I had...

heres the real-deal...

vest real deal.jpg
ofcourse I need to do the velcro, closure as well as armor attachment and the little push buttons
It looks pretty good! Nice work.
It seems a bit long (neck to waist) and I'd recommend padding it with tailor's padding to give it the right 'heft'.
Very cool though!
it's 44 cm long, from neck to waiste, same as my old vest, and that worked well for me..

and as for the padding, you are absolutly right, my mom sugested putting a towel in (the sleeves) and then stitch it together, to bad I had allready done 1 without when she mentioned it :p

well maybe my next vest, next Fett...
thnx Obi-Sean :)
ya its cloth batting that gives it the thickness. the sleeves I dont thick anyone will notice but you might want to padd the rest.
so how do I do that? cut it open on the inside and put the stuff in? I don't know if Im ready to take that bet...

I'll see what it comes out when the velcro and buttons are attached and the new armor is done, then I'll decide if I want to make a new vest or not.
hehe well....... you are supposed to sew it together from scratch with it already inside glued to the fabric, with spray adhesive. I am not sure how you would do it now. but hey, You have made one so another one will be easier right? if you wish to have it that is, if not.. dont worry about it, I just worry the armor will not sit flush on an unpadded vest, espesially the collar armor.
well the old vest is just one layer of cloth instead of doubled, and that hold together just fine.

Only reason I wanted to redo the vest was for the details, not durability or the way it fits, the old ones pretty good, it just doesn't look right.



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