Armor Pics



Here's my armor and my new sig.

Armor is WIP.

I couldn't get the carbonite to look right but what the hey.



Active Hunter
Great! I like the shapes.
The color looks odd though, i think. Shouldn't it be darker and less shinier?



The color is a Grass Green and Vista Green sprayed wet on wet. It does seem a little off for some reason.

Is the color on the top of the DP helmet the correct color? I'll take that to HD next time to try to match.

Doing a preprod Boba, just because I like the flamethrower. I've even been thinking about how to make a working flamethrower.

The armor looks off for a couple reasons. 1: the stomach piece is curved more than it looks in the pic. 2: the upper chest pieces are off angle, you'll notice the tops form and almost horizontal line, they should be tilted down. I readjusted them after the pic and they match up a lot better. Will post again when I get the diamond shape done.

The cut out is waiting for the chest display, that's why that isn't done.

Haven't done any weathering yet. I'm thinking of putting a top matte finish clear coat to help protect it. That should dull it down.