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First of all I am no expert. I'm new to the forum, and this is my second Boba Fett Costume. (The first one was a fiberglass paper machet disaster!)
I joined the Dented Helmet and was blown away by the skill sets of the folks on this forum. Everything here seems so top notch. Thank you for your knowledge!! I have purchased various parts and items from various members. What a hunt that was!
I recently got my RKD armor and started off to working on it. I learned so much on these forums. There are some great tutorials but I felt there were not as many images as I would have liked. I'm sure there's a million threads out there but I decided to try and contribute somehow by showing my approach on armor painting with as many pics as possible.
Here has been my experience so far. Any advice from the pros is muchly appreciated here!
1. I open my box from RKD. The armor looks great. I start by sanding and dremeling to clean them up.
2. I clean, sand, tack cloth, and prime the armor
3. Silver coat.
4. Paint on latex mask where I want to see silver later.
5. Paint on the secondary paint coat layer. I learned from my mistakes that you need to make the banana color underneath the green very dark and subdued. I mist with black and orange rattle can to get the color right. (I had to do the chest armor all over again because the orange overlap was too strong with the green.)
6. I then use latex mask to paint around the original latex mask paths to create the overlap.
7. I then painted the green. I also mist with black to darken the edges and dirty it up.

I have a lot of weathering to do but you can already see the reslut.








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Yeah, it's a learning curve. I'll start over after I explore that link. I'm a video producer. I'd sure like to hook up with a good painter and do a video! But I live in Banff Canada.
I find, the more you DO, right or wrong, the closer you get. Nothing replaces experience. I have a long ways to go but I enjoy it! I really enjoy seeing what other people do because it all gets you closer.
The orange being painted on top of the green never made sense to me because I thought it was a layer of paint that was showing from multiple layers of paint coming off. I've seen this a lot in old cars that have been in accidents and you see the layers of color and even the steel underneath. Why did they paint the orange over top of the green for ROTJ?


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Wow a real paint man! Don't be too hard on me I'm a newbie. I appreciate your link. I've been exploring those pics heavily and I was wondering why they painted the orange on top of the green. My thought was, that they did it as an after thought to add some depth to the weathering and did not want to start the whole paint job over.


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By the way, nice work on your website. I hope people appreciate the time it takes for you to do those immaculate paint jobs. I am gaining a great appreciatiion!

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Practice does help. And the yellow they added who knows not sure if the esb was layered or topical but maybe they forgot the yellow and added it later but I think the Rotj was over top of the esb at least the a few pieces were


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Hey Banff! Glad to see you posting a wip buddy! You're right, it is a learning curve and I think you're doing a great job for a first timer bro (y) and you're taking the critiques very well in stride ;)

I know sometimes it's hard to have other people tell you what you're doing wrong, but it is with the intention of making the end result better and you learn from it. I think the best thing you could have done was to post up these pics. Slave1 and F4R are right though, that shoulder bell does look too orange for ROTJ (those guys really know their paint... and F4R helped me out quite a bit on my first attempt and was always there to offer up advice and stuff for the correct colors)

You may have to go back and repaint some stuff to make it correct, but it'll be worth the learning experience for the next go around. Glad you're posting progress and looking forward to seeing're doing a great job (y)


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You are too right. I know it's all consructive and I take it in stride. Your armor rocks by the way. I'm doing a repaint. I'll show you soon!


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Hey Banff! I bet you are glad you went with RKD! Looks good so far. Just out of curiosity, I do see the yellow goes on top of the green (a surprise for me as well) but why? If the armor is weathered, does that mean Boba was yellow before getting all chipped and the green showed through? Just a thought. By the way banffman, that armor is good, but it doesn't protect against them grizzlies over there!